Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Hard days

Some days are just hard. Autism is our world. 98% of the time Zeke is well behaved. On the 2% days, wow it can knock you on your bum. People think we are bad parents but they do not understand the challenges. How would you feel when you can not say the words to express how you feel. You are mad and sad. They come out somehow when you feel these feelings. He blew his top. It happened at school. I just arrived when I looked on the playground and see him screaming and crying. I went out. He was mad I was there. e was just mad. It took me 20 minutes to calm him down. It throws everything off for the rest of the ravening. So no Awanas for us. Come to find out later, he was getting sick also. Some days I would why God wants me to be his mommy. Then I realize I will love him unconditionally. I will fight for him. I will make sure he has the best opportunity to be a better person. I thank God for giving me Zeke. It has shown me I am stronger than I ever thought I was. Now the food allergy battle, that is a post for another day.

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